Winter Handicap Series

Winter Handicap Series

2024 Winter Handicap Series

The Series will be held over seven Handicap Races.

The first race will be Sunday 9th July and will run every Sunday until Sunday 20th August.
A full list of the events and courses can be found on the Calendar page Here.

The top 10 placers in each race will score points, First place will get 10 points down to Tenth place getting 1 point. At the end of the series the top 5 will receive prize money from our sponsor of the series SA Fabrications.
In the event of a tie then the prize will be split.

Each race will be treated as a normal Club Handicap race and prize money will be awarded each race.

If you are an Official, First Aider, Marshall etc you will be awarded 5 points for a maximum of 2 races.

Nominations as normal via the website as usual