Scoleri Constructions Series

2024 Scoleri Constructions Points Series

The Series will be held over three Graded Scratch Races.

The number of grades will be based on the number of nominations for the first race.

Grades may race over different distances.

In each grade and for every race, the first three across the finish line be awarded normal club GSR prize money.

Points will be awarded on each lap of each race on the following basis:

1st 5 points

2nd 4 points

3rd 3 points

4th 2 points

5th 1 point.

In each grade and for every race, the rider with highest points score will receive a bottle of wine.

Over the course of three races the three riders in each grade accumulating the highest number of points will receive additional prize money. Actual amounts will depend on number of grades.

The rider with the highest points score after three races, or riders in the event of a tie, will be judged the Points Series Winner and will receive an additional cash prize.


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