Sprint Finishes 

(on Blewitt Springs Road and on Hunt Road – regular sprint finish roads)

 1. Follow Road Rules, generally staying left except when overtaking.

 2. Keep straight lines and don’t change direction or slow abruptly, as this can lead to a collision. Riders must put safety ahead of results as accidents can have a major impact on rider’s lives outside of cycling. 

 3. No sprinting past cars in the home straight  –  in this unlikely situation all riders in the bunch would get the same time and split prizemoney.

 4. If there is an oncoming car within 500m of the bunch during a sprint finish, riders at the front are to clearly call out ‘car front’ or ‘car ahead’ or ‘car up’ at least twice. In this case passing on the right hand side of the road is absolutely not allowed  (this is about rider safety not about trying to keep riders behind during a finish).

 Note: Whenever a bunch encounters an approaching car during any part of a race, the front riders must call out car ahead and all members of the bunch must remain especially tidy and not ride too close to the wheel in front.

Keep to the left

Remember it is a privilege that we can hold our races on public roads so we need to respect the road rules and motorists……Have you ever come across riders while driving and thought……………’I wish they would take notice and move left ‘?

Please take notice of drivers, yell out ‘car back’ to the bunch and keep left as much as practical.

The road rules say that you should ride as far left as practical and at most 2 abreast. Riding on the front of the pack near the centre line for long periods when the wind is from the left is against the law (even though you are still in the left lane). We understand this may be appropriate during an ‘attack’, but you must resume your position on the left side of the left lane as promptly as possible.

To continue to have races we need to ride safely and harmoniously with local traffic.

Our club race rules do not allow us to use the right hand side of the road at all (left side of road only, even where there is a dashed centre line). Riders will be disqualified if riding on the RHS of the road. The exception is where the road is clear during the final finishing sprint only. When there is NO ONCOMING CAR at all, the dashed centre line can be crossed for safety when overtaking another rider while approaching the finish line. If an oncoming car is visible then riders at the front must yell out ‘CAR FRONT’ and all riders must stay safely left and not cross the centre line.

Whenever there is an approaching car all members of the bunch must ride with extreme caution.

There are going to be many situations on the road that we can’t predict, and it is difficult to make rules for every eventuality. An area of concern is any time we approach an intersection where there is traffic, either moving or stationary.

The committee is asking referees to enforce a guiding principle that whenever any other traffic is seen at an intersection, RACING is NEUTRALISED.

Move through the intersection safely, and don’t take an unfair advantage by racing off if other competitors are caught up in traffic.

At all times, we need to be considerate of motorists, and considerate of the public’s perception of us as a club when we ride on the roads. We need their ongoing support to allow us to continue racing on the open road.

We all enjoy a good race, but priority number one is for all to finish safely. Our racing is fantastic! Promote safe riding within your groups.

Marshalled Corners

When corners on the various SDV&LCC courses are designated by the Safety Committee as requiring marshals it is because they have limited visibility of approaching cars with consideration of the speed cars might be travelling on the joining road. All riders are therefore required to exercise extra caution on these corners,  and follow marshal’s directions without question. The following procedures will apply to all marshalled corners.

While the marshal displays a STOP sign, riders are not permitted to cross an imaginary line demarking the nearest boundary of the intersecting road. The penalty for not obeying this race rule is disqualification for a first offence and subsequent transgressions may also incur a fine and/or disqualification from entry to some future races.

If a SLOW sign is displayed, riders are still required to check for themselves that it is safe to proceed into the corner and should warn other riders if they observe an approaching car which may have been missed by the marshal.

Marshalled corners will be designated ‘neutral’ whether or not a STOP is displayed. This is to encourage riders to exercise extra caution without the worry that others may try to gain a race advantage because of this extra caution. ‘Neutral’ means that riders should not attack on the corner, should not pass other riders within 50 m either side of the corner and should wait for any rider, who may have had to un-cleat or otherwise slow, to rejoin the bunch. This rule will be self-policed in the spirit of safety and sportsmanship.

Where cones are placed at a marshalled corner, to designate a slip lane for left-hand turns or to prevent corner cutting on right-hand turns, these must be adhered to by keeping to the left of the cones.  The penalty for transgression is disqualification.

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