Archived Results

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2023 Results

17th DecemberPresentation HandicapCourse 4Results
3rd DecemberKOM #4Course 29Results
19th NovemberKOM #3Course 34Results
12th NovemberAGM HandicapCourse 34Results
5th NovemberKOM #2Course 4Results
29th OctoberKermesseAirport circuitResults
22nd OctoberKOM #1Course 1AResults
15th OctoberClub HandicapCourse MilangResults
8th OctoberClub HandicapCoursw Brookmans/Moritz lapsResults
1st OctoberClubHandicapCourse 34Results
24th SeptemberState Road ChampionshipCourse 7aResults
17th SeptemberClub Road ChampionshipCourse 7aResults
27th AugustClub Special GSRCourse 34Results
20th AugustWinter Handicap Series #7Course 17Results
13th AugustWinter Handicap Series #6Course 4Results
6th AugustWinter Handicap Series #5Course 35Results
30th JulyWinter Handicap Series #4Course 3Results
23rd JulyWinter Handicap Series #3Course 43Results
16th JulyWinter Handicap Series #2Course 20Results
9th JulyWinter Handicap Series #1Course 34Results
2nd JulyPeter Nelson 2up TTCourse 4Results
18th JuneClub HandicapCourse 7aResults
11th JuneClub HandicapCourse 34Result
28th MayClub HandicapCourse 43Results
21st MayClub Handicap Course 34Results
7th MayClub ITTCourse 4Results
23rd AprilFlaxeyFlaxeyResults
16th AprilScoleri Points Series #3Course 34Results
26th MarchScoleri Points Series #2Course 1A - Binney loopsResults
12th MarchScoleri Points Series #1Course 34Results
5th MarchClub TTTMilang circuitResults
26th FebClub HandicapCourse 1Results
19th FebruaryClub ITT championshipWoodchesterResults
19th FebruaryState ITT ChampionshipsWoodchesterAge Group
5th FebruaryState/Club CriteriumVictoria ParkResults
8th Jan2 stage RR/TTCoutse 4Results

2022 Results

18th DecemberPresentation day/Xmas HandicapCourse 4Results
11th DecemberMilang HandicapMilangResults
4th DecemberWillunga KoMCourse 29aResults
13th NovemberClub HandicapCourse 34Results
6th NovemberEblens Series #3Course 34Results
16th OctoberClub GSRCourse 4Results
9th OctoberClubHandicapCourse 7aResults
2nd OctoberEblens Series #1Course 34Results
25th SeptemberClub HandicapCourse 4Results
18th SeptemberClub HandicapCourse 43Results
11th SeptemberClub HandicapCourse 34Results
14th AugustClub ITT (Handicapped)Course 4Results
7th AugustClub GSRAirport KermisseResults
31st JulyKoM #4 - WickhamsCourse 4Results
24th JulyClub HandicapCourse 17bResults
10th JulyClub HandicapCourse 35Results
26th JuneKoM#3 - WillungaCourse 1 + WillungaResults
12th JuneFlaxley HandicapFlaxley/StampsResults
22nd MayClub HandicapCourse 43Results
15th MayKoM #2 - Pennys HillCourse 34Results
24th AprilClub GSRCourse 3Results
10th AprilKoM Series Race #1Course 4 + WickhamsResults
3rd AprilState ITTWoodchesterState
27th MarchClub Handicap Course 1Results
20th MarchClub Road ChampionshipMartin HillResults
13th MarchClub GSRCourse 34Results
27th FebClub GSRCourse 41Results
13th FebClub GSRCourse 17aResults
6th FebState/Club CriteriumVictoria ParkResults
9th JanClub GSRCourse 35Results
2nd Jan2 Stage GSR/TTCourse 4Results

2021 Results

12th DecemberPresentation day h/cCourse 4Results
28th NovemberTwin PeaksCourse 29Results
21st NovemberAGM HandicapCourse 34 (short)Results
14th NovemberClub HandicapCourse 7BResults
31st OctoberClub GSR (Handicaped)MacclesfieldResults
24th OctoberClub HandicapCourse 35Results
17th OctoberClub GSRCourse 43Results
10th OctoberMilang HandicapCourse 26Results
3rd OctoberClub HandicapCourse 20Results
26th SeptemberClub HandicapCourse 17Results
19th SeptemberClub HandicapCourse 4Results
5th SeptemberFathers Day HandicapCourse 34Results
19th AugustClub Road ChampionshipCourse 7aResults
15th AugustClub HandicapCourse 35Results
8th August40km ITTCourse 4Results
18th JulyClub HandicapCourse 16Results
11th JulyClub HandicapCourse 34Results
4th JulyPeter Nelson 2up TTCourse 4Results
27th JuneClub HandicapCourse 3Results
20th JuneClub HandicapCourse 43Results
6th JuneState ITT ChampionshipsCourse 46Age Group
23rd MayClub ITT ChampionshipsCourse 46Age Group
9th MayMothers Day HandicapCourse 34 (4 laps)Results
2nd MayKoM #3 - WillungaCourse 1AResults
25th AprilAnzac Day HandicapCourse 4Results
11th AprilKom Race 2Course 4Results
4th AprilClub HandicapCourse 2Results
21st MarchKom1 Course 34aResults
14th MarchClub HandicapCourse 7bResults
28th FebEblens Series Race 3Course 34Results
21st FebEblens Series Race 2Course 1AResults
14th FebEblens Series Race 1Course 34Results
7th FebState CriteriumVictoria ParkResults
10th JanClub HandicapCourse 35Results
3rd Jan2 Stage GSR/TTCourse 4Results

2020 Results

13th DecemberPresentation Day HcpCourse 4Results
6th DecemberPaz Russo Twin PeaksCourse 29bResults
15th NovemberAGM HandicapCourse 34 - 4 lapsResults
8th NovemberClub GSRCourse 40Results
25th OctoberClub HandicapCourse 1Results
18th OctoberClub GSRCourse 28 (modified)Results
4th OctoberClub Road ChampionshipsCourse 7aResults
27th SeptClub HandicapCourse 4Results
13th SeptTonik Club HandicapCourse 7aResults
6th SeptCombined Fathers Day GSR (AHMCC/SVCC)Course 34Web
30th AugState ITT ChampionshipsCourse 46Live
Age Group Results
23rd AugClub ITT ChampionshipsCourse 46Live
9th AugKOM #3Course 1A + WillungaResults
2nd AugClub HandicapCourse 2Results
26th JulyKOM #2Course 4 + WickamsResults
19th JulySAMCA All Clubs GSRCourse 7aResults
12th JulyKOM #1Course 34 + PennysResults
5th JulyClub HandicapCourse 34Results
28th June2 up TTCourse 4Outright results
Handicap results
15th MarchGSRCourse 2Results
8th MarchGSRCourse 7bResults
1st MarchGSRCourse 17Results
16th FebEblens Series Race 3Course 34Results
9th FebEblens Series Race 2Course 35Results
2nd FebEblens Series Race 1Course 34Results
12th JanClub Criterium ChampionshipsVic ParkResults
5th Jan2 Stage GSR/TTCourse 4Result

2019 Results

15 DecemberChristmas HandicapCourse 4Results
08 DecemberClub GSRCourse 16Results
01 DecemberClub HandicapCourse 34Results
24 NovemberPaz Russo InvitationCourse 29Results
17 NovemberKerry Smart OpenCourse 7BResults
10 NovemberClub HandicapCourse 34bResults
20 OctoberClub GSRCourse 35Results
06 OctoberClub HandicapCourse 20Results
29 SeptemberClub GSR (Hidden handicaps)Course 2Results
15 SeptemberClub HandicapCourse 4Results
08 SeptemberCombined club champsCourse 7aResults
01 SeptemberKOM Race #3Course 28Results
26 AugClub ITTCourse 34Results
04 AugClub HandicapCourse 4Results
28 JulyKOM Race #2Course 34aResults
21 JulyClub HandicapCourse 1Results
14 JulyTeam time trialCourse 26Results
07 July2Up TTCourse 4Results
23 JuneKOM Race #1Course 40Results
09 JuneClub HandicapCourse 43 (mod)Results
26 MayClub ITT ChampionshipsThe RangeResults
05 MayClub HandicapCourse 7bResults
14 AprilClub HandicapCourse 3Results
07 AprilSAMCA OpenCourse 7aResult
31 MarchClub GSRCourse 18Club GSR results
10 MarchClub GSRCourse 7AClub GSR results
03 MarchClub GSRCourse 17Club GSR results
23/24 FebTour of GoolwaGoolwa
17th FebEblens #3Course 34Eblens Race 3
Final Points Table
10th FebEblens #2Course 34Eblens Race 2
3rd FebClub Criterium ChampionshipsVictoria ParkResults
28th JanEblens #1Course 34Eblens Race 1
17th JanCAMS Hill ClimbOld Mt Barker RdCAMS Results
14th JanCAMS TTMcLarenvaleCAMS Results
6th Jan2 Stage TT/GSRMcLarenvaleResults

2018 Results

16th DecPresentation Day HandicapCourse 1AResults
9th DecemberClub HandicapCourse 16BResults
2nd December
Paz Russo Twin PeaksCourse 29AResults
25th NovemberClub HandicapCourse 1AClub Handicap results
18th NovemberOpen GSRCourse 16AOpen GSR results
11th November
Club HandicapCourse 1AClub Handicap
28th OctoberClub GSR/HandicapCourse 1Club GSR
14th OctoberClub GSRCourse 20Club GSR
30th SeptCombined Club RR ChampionshipsCourse 41Club RR Championships
16th SeptClub HandicapCourse 4Club Hcp
9th SeptClub GSRCourse 3Club GSR
2nd SeptFathers Day GSRCourse 34Fathers Day GSR
26th AugITTCourse 34ITT results
19th Aug
Ron Williams KOM 4Course 41KOM4 results
29th JulyClub GSRCourse 17GSR results
21st JulyRon Williams KOM 3Course 34 (mod)KOM3 results
15th July
Club HandicapCourse 3Handicap results
1st July
2Up TTCourse 42UP TT results
24th JuneRon Williams KOM 2Course 40KOM2 results
17th JuneClub HandicapCourse 35Club Hcp results
10th JuneClub HandicapCourse 43 ModifiedClub Handicap
3rd JuneGordon Boehm Memorial Open HcpOuter Harbor20180603gordonboehmmhcresults
27th MayState ITT ChampionshipsMcLaren Flat Course 46Age Group
Outright age adjusted
23rd MayClub ITT ChampionshipWoodchesterAge Group
Outright age adjusted
6th MaySAMCA Open GSRMilangSAMCA Open GSR
29th AprilClub HandicapCourse 7BClub Hcp results
15th AprilClub HandicapCourse 1Club Hcp results
8th AprilOpen GSRCourse 34Open GSR
11th MarchClub GSRCourse 7aClub GSR
4th MarchEblens Points Series - race 3Course 35
Eblens #3
Points Total
18th FebEblens Points Series - race 2Course 34Eblens #2
11th FebEblens Points Series - race 1Course 43Eblens #1
4th FebClub Criterium ChampionshipVictoria Park20180204samcaresultsrev3
28th JanClub HandicapCourse 34Cancelled due to heat
21st JanRon Williams KOM 1Course 28Ron Williams KOM#1
15th JanCAMS TTCourse 4Time trial results
14th JanCAMS Road RaceCourse 7BRoad race results
13th JanCAMS CriteruimVic ParkCAMS Criterium results
7th JanClub 2 stage race (2 lap GSR & 1 lap TT)Course 42 Stage race TT/RR

2017 Results

17 DecXmas HandicapsCourse 4Xmas Hcp results
10 DecClub HandicapCourse 16Club handicap results
3 DecDesign MC Twin Peaks InvitationalCourse 29A/29Twin Peaks results
26 NovClub GSRsCourse 1Club GSRs results
19 NovSouthern Joinery OpenCourse 7BSouthern Joinery Open GSRs results
12 NovAGM handicapCourse 34 (4 laps)AGM Handicap results
29 OctClub GSRCourse 34Club GSR results
22 OctSAMCA Crit ChampsVictoria Park20171022samcacrit
15 OctAHMCC Open GSRMount to Murray20171015Results

8 OctOpen GSR Course 7B modifiedOpen GSR results
1 OctClub GSR Hidden HandicapCourse 35Club GSR results
24 SepClub ITTCourse 4 (2 laps)Club ITT results
17 SepSAMCA RR ChampsMt Torrens-Tungkillo-Springhead loopsSAMCA-RRresults2017
10 SepSD/AH Club RR Champs7B varSV:AHClubRRChamps2017.09.10 b

3 SepCombined Father's Day GSRWistow-Tinpot Hill2017.9.3TinpotHillResults
27 AugWistow Kanmantoo InvitationAHMCC Course 5Invitational results
20 AugKoM Race 4Course 41KoM 4 results
13 AugBurford Hill OpenAHMCC Burford Hill CourseBurford Hill results
30 JulyClub 2 Div HcpCourse 17Handicap results
23 JulyKoM Race 3Course 34, 4 laps finish up Penny'sKoM 3 results
16 JulyClub 2 Div HcpCourse 3Handicap results
2 July2 Up TTCourse 4 (2 laps)age handicap results
Outright results
Lap results
25 JuneKoM Race 2Course 40KoM 2 results
18 JuneClub 2 Div HcpCourse 35Handicap results
11 JuneClub 2 Div HcpCourse 43 (modified)Handicap results
4 JuneGordon Boehm Open HCOH Long Course20170604gordonboehmresults
28 MayState ITT ChampionshipsKangarilla RdAge category results
Outright results
Age standard comparison
21 MayClub ITT ChampionshipsLanghorne CreekClub ITT results
Age standard comparison
14 MayMothers Day Club 2 Div HCCourse 4 (2 laps)Club Handicap results
7 MayBike Station GSRCourse 26Bike Station Open GSR 2017.5.7
30 AprilClub GSRsCourse 1GSR results
23 AprKevin Wood Open HCOH Long CourseKevinWoodOpenHC
9 AprTransition Eyewear Open GRSCourse 34GRADED SCRATCH RACE 9 apr 17
26 MarClub GSRsCourse 3GSR results
19 MarWolfgang Harder OpenMacclesfieldWolf Harder results
12 MarClub HC 2 DivCourse 7AClub HC results
5 MarEblens Series GSR #3Course 35Eblens#3 Full results
Eblens#3 lap times
19 FebEblens Series GSR #2Course 34Eblens #2 results
12 FebEblens Series GSR #1Course 43Eblens #1 results
29 JanKOM Race 1Course 28KOM #1 results
22 JanCAMS CritsRegencyCAMS crits results
19 JanCAMS hill climbFreeway bike trackCAMS hill climb results
16 JanCAMS time trialWoodchesterCAMS time trial results
14 JanCAMS road raceCourse 7BCAMS road race results
8 JanClub 2 stage raceCourse 42 stage results

2016 Results

18 DecXmas HandicapsCourse 4Xmas Hcp results
11 DecClub HandicapsCourse 16Club Handicap results
4 DecDesign MC Twin PeaksCourse 29Twin Peaks results
27 NovClub GSRsCourse 3GSR results
20 NovAGM HandicapsCourse 34 (4 laps)AGM Hcp results
13 NovBike Station Milang Open Milang Course 26Milang results
23 OctRon Williams KoM Race 5Course 41KOM#5 results
16 OctAdelaide Hills Toyota ClassicWistowAdelaide Hills Toyota Classic results
2 OctClub GSRCourse 7BCLub GSR results
25 SeptClub ITTCourse 4 (2 laps)Age handicap results
Outright results
18 SeptState RR ChampionshipsMt TorrensState RR results
11 SeptSV+AH Combined RR ChampionshipsVariations on Course 7Broad_race_champs_2016
4 SeptFathers Day HandicapsCourse 4Handicap results
28 AugustClub Handicap, Stafford Scott rerunCourse 34Div 1 results
Div 2 results
21 AugustClub GSRsCourse 34Club GSR results
14 AugustBurford Hill Open GSRMt Torrens2016.8.14BurfHillOpen
7 AugustClub HandicapCourse 1Club handicap results
31 JulyClub HandicapCourse 17Club handicap results
24 JulyRon Williams KoM Race 4Course 34+Penney's Hillkom race 4 24 july 16
17 JulyClub handicapCourse 7AClub Handicap results
10 July3 Up Time TrialCourse 34Age handicap results
Outright results
3 July2 Up Time TrialCourse 4Age handicap results
Outright results
26 JuneRon Williams KoM Race 3Course 40KOM #3 results
19 JuneClub HandicapCourse 13Club Handicap results
12 JuneClub HandicapCourse 35Club Handicap results
5 JuneGordon Boehm Open HCOuter Harbour - Mersey Rd20160605gordonboehmresults
29 MayClub HCCourse 1RESULTS CLUB HANDICAP 29 MAY 2016
22 MayState TT ChampsKangarilla TTSAMCA2016.O:R

15 MayClub TT Champs with AHMWoodchester20160515_Club_TT_Results
Age HCP results
1 MayLou Miranda Classic OpenCourse 45 (Barossa)Lou Miranda results
24 AprilKevin Wood Open HCOuter HarbourKevin Wood 2016
17 AprilRon Williams KoM Race 2Course 20KoM 2 results
10 AprilStafford Scott Open HandicapsCourse 34Stafford Scott results
20 MarchWolfgang Harder Memorial HandicapsMacclesfieldWolfgang Harder results
13 MarchEblens Round 3Course 35 modifiedEblens 3 results
6 MarchEblens Round 2Course 34 modifiedEblens 2 results
28 FebAHMCC GoolwaGoolwaGoolwa results
21 FebEblens Round 1Course 43Eblens 1 results
14 FebruaryState Criterium ChampionshipsRegency ParkState Crit Champs
7 FebruaryClub Criterium ChampionshipsRegency ParkCombined club results
31 JanuaryRon Williams KOM 1Course 28KOM1 results
24 JanuaryClub GSRsCourse 20GSR results
17 JanuaryClub GSRsCourse 34GSR results
10 JanuaryTwo Stage raceCourse 42 stage results
3 JanuaryClub HandicapCourse 43Hcp results

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2015 Results

20 DecemberChristmas HandicapCourse 4 (shortened)Xmas HCP results
(placings in bunches not accurate)
13 DecemberRon Williams KoM Race 5Course 28Ron Williams KoM 5 results
6 DecemberInfuga Club GSRCourse 16 (shortened)Infuga GSR results
22 NovemberAvanti Twin Peaks OpenCourse 29, Course 29ATwin Peaks results
15 NovemberAGM HandicapCourse 34AGM Hcp results
8 NovemberBike Station InvitationalMilangMilang results
25 OctoberAVCC National CriteriumVictoria ParkCrit results
24 OctoberAVCC National Road RaceThe RangeRR results
23 OctoberAVCC National Time TrialWoodchesterCategory results
age adjusted results
4 OctoberLou Miranda ClassicBarossaPDF
20 SeptemberState RR ChampsMt Torrens-Tungkillo20150920_RR_Champ
13 SeptemberClub RR ChampsCourse 4ClubRRChamps2015
6 SeptemberVLCC Fathers Day HCsMersey Rd Outer Harbour2015.9.6results
30 AugustVLCC Invitational GSRsLyndoch20150830resultsrichardhicksmemorialgsrs
23 AugustInvitational GSR/KoM4Course 4123Aug GSR:KoM4
(A gr 3rd KoM to come)
16 AugustClub 2 Div HCCourse 42015.8.16HCDiv1
9 AugustAHMCC Burford Hill OpenMt Torrens / Burford HillPDF
2 AugustPhysio Alive Handicap
Orion times now posted.
Course 17PDF
26 JulyIn Fuga / Ron Williams KOM 3Course 34 (finish up Penny's Hill)PDF
19 JulyCrema Open GSRsCourse 7APDF
12 JulyAHMCC InvitationWistowPDF
5 July2-Up TTCourse 4 (2 laps)Handicap
28 JuneSouthern Joinery Open GSRsCourse 7BPDF
21 JuneClub handicapCourse 13 PDF
14 JuneVLCC Gordon Boehm OpenLyndochPDF
7 JuneRon Williams KOM 2Course 20 PDF
31 MayPhysio Alive Handicap Race 1Course 1PDF
24 MayState TT Championships
- results have been amended after cross checking with electronic system
17 MayClub TT ChampionshipKangarillaCategory
10 MayAHMCC InvitationalStamps RdPDF
3 MayVLCC Kevin Wood OpenLobethalPDF
26 AprilInvitational GSRsCourse 7BPDF
19 AprilEblens Race 3Course 35PDF
12 AprilWolf Harder OpenMacclesfieldPDF
5 AprilRon Williams KOM 1 InvitationalCourse 28PDF
22 MarchEblens Race 2Course 43 (modified)PDF
15 MarchAHMCC InvitationalFox CreekPDF
8 MarchEblens Race 1Course 35PDF
1 MarchGoolwa InvitationalGoolwasee AHMCC site
22 FebruaryClub GSR/HCCourse 7APDF
15 FebruaryState Age Crit ChampsRegency PkPDF
8 FebruaryClub 2 Division HandicapCourse 20PDF
1 FebruaryClub 2 Division HandicapCourse 2PDF
22 JanuaryCAMS Hill ClimbEagle on the HillPDF
21 JanuaryCAMS CritsVictoria ParkPDF
19 JanuaryCAMS Time TrialWoodchesterPDF
17 JanuaryCAMS Road RaceThe RangePDF
11 JanuaryClub 2 stage raceCourse 4PDF
4 JanuaryClub HandicapCourse 34PDF

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2014 Results

21 December 2014Xmas HandicapCourse 4PDF
14 December 2014KoM Race 5Course 28PDF
7 December 2014Club HandicapCourse 20PDF
30 November 2014Club HandicapCourse 34PDF
23 November 2014Avantiplus Twin Peaks Open GSRsCourse 29PDF
16 November 2014AGM HandicapCourse 34PDF
9 November 2014Bike Station Invitational MilangCourse 26PDF LAPS
26 October 2014VLCC Lyndoch OpenLyndochPDF
19 October 2014Club HandicapCourse 4PDF
12 October 2014AHVCC Mt to Murray OpenWistowPDF
5 October 2014Shottesbrooke HandicapCourse 7APDF
28 September 2014Club HandicapCourse 17race cancelled
21 September 2014VLCC Clare Invitational GSRsClarePDF
20 September 2014VLCC Clare Invitational HC ClarePDF
14 September 2014SAMCA Road ChampionshipsMt TorrensPDF
31 August 2014Club Road ChampionshipsCourse 7APDF
24 August 2014KOM Race 4Course 41PDF
17 August 2014Club HandicapCourse 4PDF
10 August 2014AHVCC Burford Hill Open GSRsAHVCC Course 18AHVCC
3 August 2014Physio Alive Combined HandicapsCourse 1PDF
27 July 2014KOM Race 3Course 35PDF
20 July 2014Southern Joinery Open GSRsCourse 7APDF
13 July 2014AHVCC InvitationalAHVCC Course 5AHVCC
6 July 20142 UP Time TrialCourse 4 (2 laps)PDF
29 June 2014Crema Open GSRsCourse 7BPDF
22 June 2014Club HandicapCourse 13PDF
15 June 2014Gorden Boehm Memorial (VLCC Open)Outer HarbourPDF
8 June 2014KOM race 2Course 40PDF
1 June 2014State TT Champs (Open)Kangarilla out and backcategory
25 May 2014Club TT ChampsKangarilla out and backPDF
11 May 2014Club HandicapCourse 34 (4 laps)PDF
27 April 2014Kevin Wood Memorial Handicap (Open)LobethalPDF
20 April 2014Invitational GSRCourse 7PDF
13 April 2014Wolfgang Harder Handicap (Open)MacclesfieldPDF
6 April 2014Invitational GSR, KOM race 1Course 28PDF
30 March 2014Elbens 3Course 35PDF
23 March 2014Elbens 2Course 43PDF
16 March 2014Elbens 1Course 13PDF
9 March 2014Peter Nelson 2-UP Time TrialCourse 4 (2 laps)PDF
23 February 2014Club GSRCourse 7APDF
9 February 2014Club HandicapCourse 16PDF
12 January 2014Club 2 stage race (TT + RR)Course 4PDF
5 January 2014Club handicapCourse 35PDF

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2013 Results

22 December, Christmas handicap, Course 4

15 December, Ron Williams KOM, Race 5, Course 28

Final Tally Ron Williams KOM Series 2013

8 December, Club Handicap, Course 20

1 December, Club GSR, Course 34

24 November, VLCC Open GSR, Gumeracha

17 November, Club 2 Div Handicap, Course 40

10 November, AGM Handicap, Course 34

27 October, Open Handicap, Twin Peaks

20 October, Club GSR, Course 4

13 October, AHVCC Mount to Murray

6 October, Club Handicap, Course 7A

29 September, Bike Station Invitational GSRs, Milang Course 26

15 September, Club GSRs, Course 17

8 September, Club Road Championships, Course 7A

1 September, Fathers’ Day Handicap, Course 4

25 August, Ron WIlliams KoM GSRs, Race 4, Course 41

18 August, 2 stage race, Course 4

4 August, Club Handicap, Course 1

28 July, Ron Williams KoM GSRs, Race 3, Course 35

21 July, Whippet’s Workshop Open GSRs, Course 7A

14 July, Club handicap, Course 7

7 July, Club 2-up Time Trial, outright, handicap, laps

30 June, Crema on Jetty Open GSRs, Course 7B

23 June, Eblens Point Race 3, Course 34

16 June, Eblens Point Race 2, Course 13 Points, Lap times

9 June, Eblens Point Race 1, Course 43

2 June, State Individual Time Trial, category, outright, handicap

26 May, Club Individual Time Trial, category, outright, handicap

19 May, Club Handicap, Course 4

12 May, Mother’s day handicap, Course 34 (4 laps)

5 May, Club GSRs, KoM2, Course 28

28 April, Peter Nelson 2 up Time Trial, Outright, Handicap, Laps

21 April, Club Handicap, Course 7

14 April, Wolfgang Harder Open Handicaps, Macclesfield

31 March, Club Handicap, Course 13 (modified)

24 March, Club GSRs, Course 7A

17 March, Club GSRs, KoM1, Course 40

24 February, Club Handicap, Course 16

10 February, Seaford Crits

3 February, Club GSRs, Course 4

13 January, Club Handicap, course 34

6 January, Under/Over 55 Handicaps, Course 35

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2012 Results

23 December, Christmas Handicaps, Course 4 (2 laps)

16 December, Club GSR, KOM race 5, Course 28

9 December, Club Handicaps, Course 20

2 December, Club GSR, Course 34

18 November, Club Handicaps, Course 40

11 November, AGM handicap, Course 34 (3 laps)

28 October, Twin Peaks Open Handicaps

21 Oct GSR KOM, Penny’s Hill

14 Oct, Bike Society Invitational, Milang

7 October, AHVCC, Mount to Murray Classic

30 September, Club Handicaps, Course 34

23 September, State Road Race Championships, Course 14

16 September, Club GSR, Course 17

9 September, Club RR Championships, Course 18

2 September, Club Handicaps, Course 5 (short)

26 August, Club GSR, KoM 3, Course 41

19 August, 2 Stage Race, Course 4

12 August, AHVCC Open, Mt Torrens

5 August, Club GSR, KoM 2, Course 4 Wickhams finish

29 July, Club GSR, KoM 1, Course 35


22 July, Crema Open GSRs, Course 16


15 July, Club handicap, Course 7

8 July, Club 2-up TT, Course 4

1 July, Club handicap, Course 1

24 June, Bicycle Express

17 June, Eblens series overall

17 June, Race 3 Eblens Series, Full Results

10 June, Race 2 Eblens series, Brookmans course, full results

3 June, Race 1 Eblens series, Course 13, full results, lap times

27 May, State Time Trials, Woodchester-Langhorne Creek and back

20 May Club Time Trial, category, outright, handicap

13 May, Mothers Day Handicaps, Course 34

6 May, Club handicap, Course 7A

29 April, Peter Nelson 2-up TT, age handicap, outright, laps

22 April, Club handicap, Course 7

15 April, Wolfgang Harder Open, Macclesfield

8 April, Club handicap, Course 4

25 March, Barry Smith Memorial Handicap, Course 17

18 March, Club handicap, Brookman Course

4 March, Club GSR, Course 35

26 February, Course 16 handicap

19 February, State Crit Championships

12 February, Seaford Crits

5 February, race cancelled

29 January, Under / Over 55 mass start hidden handicap, Course 35

8 January, Club Handicap, Course 34

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2011 Results

18 December, Christmas Handicap, Course 4 (shortened)

11 December, Club Handicap, Course 20

4 December, Club handicap, Course 34

27 November, Twin Peaks Open Handicaps

20 November, Club handicap, Course 41

13 Novenber, AGM Handicap, Course 34

30 October, Gumeracha Open GSRs

23 October, Club handicap, Course 34

16 October, Club GSR, Course 35

9 October, Mount to Murray Open

2 October, Club Handicap, Course 7a

25 September, SAVCA Road Championships

18 September, Club GSRs, Course 17

11 September, Club GSRs, Course 15

4 September, Mass start club handicap, Course 5 (2 laps), click here for lap times

28 August, Mass start club handicap, Course 34

21 August, 2 stage race.

14 August, Lenswood Open

7 August, Club Handicap. Course 41

31 July, Club Road Championships, Course 1

24 July, Crema Open GSRs, Course 16

10 July, Team Time Trial, Course 4

3 July, Club handicaps, Course 1

26 June, Barry Smith Memorial handicap, Course 17

19 June, Eblens Point Series, Race 3

12 June, Eblens Point Series, Race 2

5 June, Eblens Point Series, Race 1 (watch video of D grade)

8 May, Mothers Day Handicaps, Course 34 (shortened)

1 May, Club TT Championships, Course 4, category, outright, handicap

24 April, Club Handicap, Course 15

17 April, Macclesfield Open

10 April, Club Handicap, Course 6

27 March, Bicycle Express Open, Course 7A

20 March, Club Handicaps, Brookmans Course

13 March, Club GSR, Course35

6 March, Lobethal Open

27 February, Bunnings Handicaps, Course 16

13 February, Club Criteriums, Seaford Rise

6 February, 2 up TT, 2 laps Course 4, outright, handicap

30 January, Club GSR, 2 laps Course 4

9 January, Club Handicaps, Course 34

2 January, Club GSR, Course 4

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2010 Results

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2009 Results

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