The online nomination facility is available and will be the only way to enter club races from 1/7/2019. Online payment will be required with your nomination as we move to phasing out the handling of cash payments at the club on race days.

When you nominate for an event, a couple of things happen. The prize money allocated for the day is calculated based on the number of nominations, and also, the handicapper works hard at evening out the grades, aiming to give everyone a fair chance.
If you fail to arrive on the day, it does impact on the days racing. If you have nominated for an event, and it transpires that you will be unable to compete due to unforeseen circumstances, the club would greatly appreciate as much notice as possible. Please contact  the  Handicapper, Graham King, at the email address or phone 0414 168866 by midday on the Saturday before the race. If a rider simply fails to turn up on the day without notice, their nomination fee for that event is still payable and it is expected that they will make the payment at their earliest convenience, utilising the online payment options on the nominations page.
All three SAMCA clubs operate with the same rules. If a rider from another club nominates for an event and fails to arrive, the host club will seek the nomination fee from the rider’s home club, with the expectation that the home club will be able to catch up with the rider quicker than the host club.
So remember, when you nominate for a race, you are making a commitment to that club that you will pay. If you sleep in on the day and don’t make it, you still owe the nomination fee !