Club Consistency

Points are awarded to our members for all “Club races” including “Club championships”.

During our Club events, if members from another club participate, they are not awarded our club consistency points. When this happens, non members are excluded from the count, so that if a non member were to win, then the first SVCC club member is the person to receive the winners points. No club consistency points are awarded when attending an event hosted by another club.

2022 Points Table

2022 TOP 10 19 Dec 2022 
1Georg Thierry142
2Peter Grivell133
-- Every Race --128
3Frank Schoen120
4Suzie Gray118
5David Milne118
6David Cox115
7Con Bastiras111
8Graham King109
9Richard Tormet108
10Roscoe Shelton107

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Final Tally 2020

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Final Tally 2019

Congratulations to winner Todd Howes

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Final Tally 2018

Congratulations to 2018 winner Graham King

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Final Tally 2017

Congratulations Colin Chapman 2017 winner

2017 TOP 10
Final Tally
Last updated20 Dec
Every Race108
1Colin Chapman126
2Graham King125
3David Baker121
4Tanya Noble114
5Patrick O'Kane110
6Frank Schoen108
7Dave Dobson107
8Rob Dobson106
9Greg Adams103
10Dave Cox101

Full List 2017

Final Tally 2016.

Congratulations to 2016 winner Graham King

2016 TOP 10
Final Tally
Last updated18-December
Every Race132
1Graham King175
2Richard Tormet171
3Greg Adams
4Rob Dobson130
5Peter Grivell123
5Frank Schoen123
7Vic Balfour119
8Alister Smith117
8Geoff Bate114
10Georg Thierry108

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All starters receive 2 points, all finishers receive an extra 2 points. All (unpaid) marshals and other officials receive 4 points.

Handicap races: 2 Division handicaps place getters 1st to 5th receive an extra 5-1 points. Single Division handicaps, place getters 1st-7th receive an extra 7-1 points.

Scratch races : With 6 or more starters, place getters 1st-3rd receive an extra 3-1 points. With 5 or 4 starters, place getters 1st-2nd receive an extra 2-1 points. With 3 or 2 starters first gets an extra 1 point.

Time Trials : Individual – Same as single division handicaps with age based handicap applied. 2-up – Same as two division handicaps with age based handicap applied.

Club Championships : Points awarded for starting/finishing only, ie no bonus points awarded.

State Championships :  No club points assigned