Next Race: 9th October AMCC GSR Outer Harbour

The 2022 Eblens Series was kicked off in classic style this weekend. Perfect weather, great conditions, and even had some nasty pot holes filled in for the event. If as a rider you think it’s a tough effort, have a go standing on the finish line – it’s insane! Georg Thierry for President I reckon, the guy is a magician with the timing system. Next week we’re at Outer Harbour, and then back for the 2nd of the Eblens Series on the Binney course on October 16th. Don’t miss it.

See you all Thursday night for the Time Trial Training runs !!

And of course, special thanks to EBLENS Subaru Brighton.

Check out this year’s rules:

AVCC has once again reduced membership fees for anyone wishing to sign up at this point of the game. Let your friends know, that as of now, they’ll pay $92 to sign up to the AVCC and be eligible to ride in any racing conducted by either SVCC or AMCC, including the Criteriums at Vic Park. Our fees for 2023 will be set sometime December once Insurance premiums are calculated.

Safe riding and see you on the 2nd October.