Licence Renewals

By now, everyone should have received the email from the AVCC giving us the all clear to renew memberships for the 2023 year. I’ve had a go, and all seems in order. $137 gives you access to a full year of cycling events so why not get on and renew straight away before you forget.

One thing I noticed was that the system gives you no option to change clubs. It will only allow you to rejoin your existing club. For SVCC, three options, Racing Member $137, Racing Member opting out of marshalling $217, and Official $55.

If you want to change clubs, talk to Pat O’Kane who can arrange this for you prior to your renewal.  Pat also is our club contact if you have trouble logging onto the site, ie you’ve forgotten your password (if like me you have trouble keeping track of 675 passwords we’re supposed to have).