How to join or renew

  • ALL new and renewing Full Memberships are to be completed online. Click HERE to open the page then click on ‘New Registration’ to begin.  (If you are an existing member, click ‘Login’ and use your existing username/password).
  • Payment is by credit card and Paypal.
  • The hardcopy SVCC membership application/renewal forms for Full Membership will no longer be accepted.
  • The option to pay an extra $80 to opt out of marshalling is still offered by the Club, and you will see this as an option on the system. The club would prefer all members to participate in volunteering to support our events, but understands where this is not practical. For any member living about a 2hr drive from the club (i.e. country members), the requirement to marshal will not be enforced, and there is no expectation of that member paying an additional $80.
  • Full year membership to SVCC is $132.
  • AVCC no longer offer 15 months membership for new members joining in Oct of one year. 
  • Please note that if you do not choose the no-marshal option, you will need to take your place on the regular marshal/trail car roster (excepting country members as mentioned above), and may be precluded from competing if you do not undertake your duty when rostered. The Club provides SAPol training for marshals.
  • Transferring Clubs? AVCC and SportsTG prefer people to initiate a transfer by contacting their current club Membership Registrar to arrange the transfer. Alternatively they can enter a new membership (not using their current username and password) and choose the new club.
  • If you experience any problems please contact the Treasurer/Membership Registrar Richard Tormet.