Extreme Weather Policy

The SDVLCC hot weather policy has been changed from that based on relative humidity on the morning of the race (see previous policy) for reasons that Adelaide heat is typically drier and hotter than the eastern states (It was considered that the previous policy was never likely to lead to race modification in Adelaide), and to give riders a decision on the evening prior to the race such that they do not have to travel to McLaren Flat on the morning of the scheduled race.
The club believes that it needs an extreme weather policy in consideration of the health and comfort of riders and race officials, but competitors are still primarily responsible for their own well being. For this reason riders are reminded of the factors involved in vigorous exercise in very hot conditions (see below) and are given the option of withdrawing from a race without penalty even if the club decides to go ahead based on the published policy.

 Cycling in hot conditions (from the Adelaide Hills Veteran Cycling Club “Extreme Weather Policy”)
Cycling is a high intensity sport which in hot conditions can lead to dehydration and deteriorate further into heat exhaustion and finally heat stroke. 
Drink hydrating liquids regularly throughout your ride; riders are encouraged to carry sufficient water for the event. Continue to drink small amounts of hydrating liquids after your ride to replace lost fluid levels. 
In the event of an unusually high heart rate, dizziness, headache, nausea, cramps, confusion or loss of endurance, stop, dismount, sit in the shade off the road, drink and wait for the event support vehicle to catch you up. Additional hydrating liquids can then be given to you to aid your recovery or if necessary a First Aider can be called. “

New SDVLCC Extreme Weather Policy

WEATHER FORECAST FOR NOARLUNGA (closest weather station to McLaren Flat)

  • If the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts on the Friday before a race, temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius or above for the Noarlunga weather station at 10.30am on race day, then the race will be cancelled.
  • If the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts temperatures of 34-37 degrees Celsius for the Noarlunga weather station at 10.30am on race day, then the race will be modified to a shortened GSR and no consistency points will be awarded.
  • If the forecast is 34 or above then nominated riders may withdraw if they wish. There will be no nomination fee charged.
  • Additionally, a race may be cancelled or modified on assessment by the race day committee* of the bushfire warnings in accordance with the Country Fire Service website with regard to the fire danger ratings.
  • Further, a race may be cancelled or modified on assessment by the race day committee of any other extreme weather conditions (eg, severe storm, hail, floods, extreme winds etc, resulting in a Severe Weather Warning issued by the BoM) that may impact on rider safety.
  • Notification of changes to a race base on the forecast, will be posted on the club website by 6pm on the Saturday prior to a Sunday race. (However, the race day committee may still decide on Sunday morning to cancel or modify a race if weather conditions are deemed unsafe at the time.)

* Race day committee consists of the race referee, club president, club handicapper and club safety officer.