Membership fees for last three months of 2021

Memberships for the remainder of 2021 are now available at a reduced rate of $67.

Access the AVCC Website via our Club Website:  Select the tab at the top of the page “Join”, then follow the instructions to get to the AVCC Membership Portal. A difference to previous years is that the number of renewals to be accepted may be limited. Complicated, but brought about by the fact we have paid up front for a specific number of riders for 2021, and the AVCC is very close to that ceiling. Bottom line is if you are at all thinking about joining up for the remaining 3 months, do it now, not next week.

What will $67 give you access to for the remainder of 2021? :

  • 12 x Thursday night Time Trials.
  • 12 x Sunday Road Races managed between AMCC and SVCC.
  • 12 x Wednesday night Criterium events at Pakapakanthi, both graded and teams based events.
  • Club training runs Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • The opportunity to mix with a great bunch of people who simply like riding bikes !
  • Joining either club (AMCC or SVCC) entitles you to enter all events from either club.

If you have problems signing up, contact Richard Tormet at: