Next Race – January 17th 2021 – Victoria Park Blackchrome Criterium Series Race #1


I’m half way through my race with two more climbs of Moritz to go, heart rate pumping at max for the last half hour, I sit up and look around at the great team I’m surrounded by and realise this is why I race. If you haven’t raced, but you enjoy riding, you’re going to love Master’s racing.

On the topic of Safety on the Road, any cyclist will have stories to tell. Our club has ran 75 consecutive events without an incident. It’s not all through wishful thinking. It’s down to every one of us focussing on what’s important, and it requires hard work. Some things to consider in the next few months. Saturday 30th January we are conducting a “Sprint training” session at 0800 from the club room. Phil Crick has kindly agreed to conduct this training. Those sprints are one of the riskiest times we face on the road, whether it’s in a race, or whether its racing your mates to the next stobie pole. Come along and pick up some additional skills to add to your kit bag. In addition, we’ll be having some marshal training in the coming weeks. Make an effort to attend. The more people we have understanding how it all works, the safer we’ll be out there on the road. And lastly a plug for first aid training. For many years now, the club has offered to pay for your first aid training on the proviso that you are prepared to use your qualification to help with First Aid duties on our rides. It’s a no brainer – it’s a win win.

The next four weeks we will be out at Victoria Park on Sunday mornings. The first three weeks are part of the Blackchrome Critierium series, and the fourth week is the State Criterium Championships.  Come out, have some fun, and support Adelaide Masters Cycling at its best.

Safe Riding everyone.