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Next Race – February 28th 2021 – Eblens Sprint Series Race #3

Well done everyone on a good days riding today. 

A message on riding today comes about from a couple of overheard issues on the road from the last two weeks. It relates to the inappropriate use of brakes while out on the road. The problem is that while you might be reacting to something that’s affected you, or trying to be tactical, what you can’t be sure of is what is happening directly at your rear wheel. If someone ends up on the road, it’s not only the victim that loses sleep – we all lose sleep. My request is that we focus on the “friendly” part of our vision “friendly, competitive, and above all safe”. 

Next week is the third of our 2021 Series. Our first Eblens race was on the 29/3/2009. We have had a 13 year relationship with Eblens which has been spectacular. Make sure that the next time you are thinking of a new or used car, give Eblens Subaru Brighton Rd Glenelg an opportunity to show you what they have. You won’t be disappointed. 

Next week we should return to the Hunt Rd circuit, but we may need to relocate on short notice depending on Vintage activities in the area. Keep an eye on FB for any updates.

In the meantime: 

Safer riding everyone.



Membership fees for 2021

The AVCC membership portal is now open. You can access the AVCC site to join either via the address you may have received by email, or by following the links on this website.
It helps if you remembered your password from the previous log in. If you don’t use the same log in, then you’ll be prompted to re enter all of your data, and create a new membership. If you need help, contact Richard Tormet.
Our membership fee for 2021 is $132. There also is an option of paying an additional $80 to opt out of assisting the club with marshalling duties.
You should receive a confirmation email at the end of the process. Attached to this email is your AVCC Licence to race for 2021. Keep this on hand, particularly at the start of the year, you may be asked to show the licence at race registrations to help the clubs identify that you are in fact a financial member.
Reminder to all members for 2021. If you have not availed yourself of the club kit offer, it’s still on. One set of kit (Nicks and Jersey) for $100 per member.

The 2021 Year – and all things Covid

The AVCC has confirmed a decision to postpone the National racing series planned for Adelaide in Jan 2021 due to the current travel restrictions across States and the difficulties faced by people wanting to make plans.

We have to comply with the Gov’t regulations pertaining to Covid-19. We have our Covid-19 Safe Plan approved, and are taking measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. Things we can all do to help:

  • Stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Keep to the physical distancing rules – 1.5m separation
  • Safe hygiene – (yes on the bike as well !)
  • Keep below the maximum capacity numbers in any meeting room etc.

Friendly – Competitive – But Above All Else – Safe

We want to be a club in every sense of the word. Welcoming and friendly, with a touch of competition to push each other for that satisfaction that can’t be achieved on a Saturday bunch ride. But above all, we are starting to show as a club that we can do this and stay safe. We respect every rider who while trying their best, places the safety and wellbeing of others and themselves above that of having to come first.

We are fortunate in being able to race on public roads, so it is important that we respect other road users and inconvenience them as little and as safely possible. At all times during our events, you are responsible for your own safety and ensuring that you obey road and cycling rules. That means keeping to the left and not crossing white lines unless absolutely necessary. Of course there will be times when safety dictates that you “take the lane” but remember on roads with limits of 80kph or more, other drivers are required to give you 1 ½ metres when passing. That just isn’t possible if you are riding alongside the white line.

While our SAPOL trained marshals do have the authority to stop traffic, our club’s policy is that they stop riders when other traffic is around. Typically the only time we will stop other traffic is for sprint finishes on Blewett Springs and Hunt Roads. Whether we have a marshal at the corner or not, you are obliged to follow the road rules, i.e. if a Give Way sign, then you must Give Way till safe to proceed. Our Marshals are there to take the decision from you and will show a Stop sign if you should be giving way. Disobey the marshal and it’s a DQ and probably suspension. Good communication amongst the riding group is important when negotiating corners.