About Us

Southern Vales Cycling Club was formed in 1978 and has over 150 active members.

Who is it for?

It caters for the fun loving “older” cyclists (30+ for males and females) who still enjoy a bit of competition and mixing with people of their own age with a similar passion for cycling.

What will you get out of it?

You will gain a very high level of fitness along with a new interest. The members are all very friendly and helpful with a vast array of cycling knowledge. Many members also meet for more social and training rides other than the Sunday race and form strong friendships through these.

Where and when are the races?

Races are held near McLaren Flat, on most Sundays of the year, commencing at 9 am. It must be noted that the majority of races are from the clubrooms in the McLaren Flat Recreation Centre (see map below), however not all, so it is advisable to ring one of the officials mentioned below before travelling down.

How far and hard are the races?

Races average around 50 km, on public roads over a variety of courses in the Southern Vales area. Difficulty ranges from fairly flat to quite hilly. Will you be able to keep up? The club caters for a wide variety of standards from near elite racers to the “weekend warrior”. However you will need to be confident and competent on your bike on public roads with above average bike handling skills. You will also need a moderate level of fitness, sufficient fitness to be able to ride 50 km at a reasonable average speed (say above 22 kph). However most races are handicap events and you would start with a small group of people at about your standard.

Come ‘N’ Try

If you would like to Come ‘N’ Try bike racing, we will allow you two trial rides (as from 1 January 2018) before asking you to join our Club. The conditions are that the second trial ride has to be taken within a month of the first ride, and that both rides must be taken at our Club. Just ring our Handicapper (Graham King, mob: 0414 168 866) before 9 pm on the Wednesday preceding the Club race you are interested in and advise him to expect you – he will ask questions about where to place you in the field.  Download and complete this form then turn up with the form, ready to ride on the day. The clubrooms are open about 1 hour before the start of racing for race registration.

How much does it cost?

Total Membership annual cost is $137. The club component is $15 per year but you will need to be insured and this currently runs at $120 per year. A SAMCA levy of $2 is also added. Races will cost $15 to enter in 2023.  See Join for further information. There is an option for members to pay an additional $80 on top of  their membership fee which excuses them from helping out with marshalling duties during the year. Generally each event requires in the order of 12 to 15 volunteers to help with setting the course, marshalling etc. Members are rostered at a maximum of twice per year to help out. When rostered, you miss the opportunity to race, but you do get a good insight into what goes on behind the scenes to make it all work. I’d certainly encourage you to give it a try before paying the $80 fee.

Further membership options include:

  • From May 1st through to September 30th, both the Club and SAMCA forgo their components of the membership fee and the joining fee becomes $120. The membership is for a calendar year, so joining for example in June, will allow you to ride with the club until December 31st of that year.

Who to call for more information?

Call one of the officials listed below before travelling down, to check that we will be there that day. See also the Contact Us page.

  • Club President, Richard Tormet: 0426 826 865
  • Secretary, David Milne: 0407 977 890
  • Handicapper, Graham King: 0414 168 866

We operate out of the McLaren Flat Recreation Ground.

Main Rd, McLaren Flat, SA 5171 Australia

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