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Who Are Southern Vales CC?

Cycling keeps you fit and healthy in body and mind. Southern Vales CC gives riders over 30 years of age the opportunity to compete in road cycling against their peers over a number of courses out of McLaren Flat in the wonderful Southern Vales. Our riders average less than 20km/h to more than 40km/h, so there’s a place for everyone! We are a great bunch of people who invite you to join, make new friends, and share what we enjoy!

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See more (click arrow below) Special thanks to members Greg Adams (Imagestix) and Richard Miller

Next Race 23 June – Peter Nelson Charity 2-up TT on Course 4

Our next race out of McLaren Flat will be next Sunday 23 June. It is the Peter Nelson Charity 2-up TT on Course 4 Schuller-Moritz for 2 laps. All nomination fees will go to the Peter Nelson Leukaemia Research Fund. Nominally the event is a 2-up, but with your advice it can be an ITT or a 3 or 4-up TTT. There will be a sausage sizzle after the event – come and work up an appetite!

Enter as usual online.

Remember that SVCC racing rules make rear lights mandatory, please ensure you have a working tail light – we want you as visible and as safe as possible. That also means following road rules, keeping left and not crossing white lines!

Officials for  23 June – Terry Proctor, Gavin Tamblyn, Kerry Vlahos, Georg Thierry, Alan Gordon, Phillip Mills and Paul Beazley (Chef!). Thanks all!

Cheers for the Officials on 9 June – Terry Proctor, Gavin Tamblyn, David Dobson, Frank Schoen, Graham McLean and Bryan Wilson . Thanks to all these members – no Officials, no race!

Remember I’m looking for a few Marshals for July/August **and now 30 June as AMCC has confirmed their calendar change**. If you haven’t officiated this year, it’s time!

SVCC home race 30 June – Winter HC Series Rd 1

Members please note that SVCC will promote a home race on Course 17A on 30 June as the first of our Winter Handicap Series. AMCC’s race previously calendared for 30 June will move to 14 July.

Nominate online as usual.

Marshals required. I will need Officials for 30 June! Contact David Milne SVCC Officials Coordinator if you have not yet marshalled this year.

Seeking Marshals/Officials

If you haven’t marshalled or officialled this year and haven’t paid the non-marshal subscription, let me know what dates you might like to help out eg races you don’t want to do or don’t mind dodging! I’m looking for July/August at this stage – Winter HC Series is a good opportunity! Advise me through facebook or in person at a home race.

Thanks to Scoleri Constructions!

Huge thanks to Carmelo, Angelo and family for their support of the Scoleri Constructions Points Series for 2024! Very much appreciated by the whole Club. Once again the bbq was spectacular!

Remember the name next time you need some work done!


SVCC Community Donation 2024

SVCC regularly makes a donation to a deserving organisation within the community that we traverse on a week-by-week basis. In the past, local schools and CFS brigades have been recipients. This year, Willunga Recreation Park Inc have received our donation. WRPI is a very active and entirely community owned and operated body within the township of Willunga; the sportsgrounds and halls that we pass on our right as we head towards Old Willunga Hill are all WRPI. Give them a wave next time you pass!

Rear Tail Lights – 3 March

As of 3 March flashing rear tail lights will become mandatory for races promoted by our Club. This is principally an issue of safety, being to make our riders more visible for other following road traffic. If you don’t have one, please start looking to purchase asap.

In passing, we are also recommending that front lights are a good idea for the same reason.

Trophy Winners 2023

Congratulations to all our winners!

Yearly Points Winner – Graham King

Yearly Points Winner, Female – Suzie Gray

Best & Fairest, Dave Rattray Memorial Trophy – David Paul

Club Time Trial Champion, Female – Suzie Gray

Club Time Trial Champion, Male – Graham King

Most Improved Rider – Bryan Wilson

President’s Clubperson of the Year – Chris Ossowicz

Trophy winners are requested to advise Committee if they wish a replica trophy!

Race 7 Jan 2024

Pinched from Pat O’Kane’s facebook post!
The weather gods didn’t play nicely 7 Jan. Thanks to all who came out, did a warm up, hung around with fingers crossed and then went home.
Driving around the course picking up the signs was interesting.
Schuller Rd looked fairly dry, lots of gravel washed across the Moritz descent (the right call to cancel) and Blewitt Spring Rd had lots of deep standing water on the road edge. Looks like McLaren Flat copped the worst of it.

Renewing for 2024

Licence renewal via AVCC website is now available (thanks Cheryl, National Treasurer). The instructions on what to do are linked below, but otherwise click on the link to AVCC homepage from this homepage (look to the right hand side), then go to Member Login. You’ll have to create an account as it’s a new system and your old login won’t work, then follow instructions from there. NB when it gets to choosing your membership type, you need to scroll down to SVCC options otherwise you end up where you don’t want to be! After you’ve paid up, you can find your receipt via your profile – good idea to have a hardcopy of that.

Join a Club Update 28122023 V2 

Referee Drive – Seeking Trainees!

Our Club needs a Referee at every race – no Ref, no race! Our Committee is seeking indications of interest from those Members willing to support their fellow Club riders by becoming a Referee. Come and chat to Richard Tormet as soon as you can.